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What is (HSKR)? is a service to help you leam Mandarin Chinese anytime, anywhere. You can use HSKR on your PC. laptop and smartphone through your browser. Our aim is to help prepare you for the main Mandarin Chinese proficiency exam and to help you use Mandarin in your daily life.

What does "beta" mean?

Beta is a term commonly used when a website is making ongoing improvements. Companies as large as Google used the beta period for major products like Gmail. What beta means for is that we are working to add more content and useful features, like flashcards. We wil also be incorporating your feedback to make sure the site is helping you to learn more Mandarin Chinese.

Who is suitable for?

Anybody who wants learn Chinese can use Our content is aimed at all ages who want to learn Mandarin Chinese for any number of reasons. Those who should benefit most though as people who preparing for the HSK exam. At this stage our content is focused on HSK Levels 1 and 2. We will be adding more of the levels in the future. If there is any level you need now, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you. Email us at

I don't know any Chinese, is suitable for me?

Yes! aims to help the complete beginner get to grips with Mandarin Chinese. Our aim is to help you deal with daily life. whether that be ordering tea in a restaurant in Shanghai, telling a taxi driver where you want to go or just being friendly to the people at your local Chinese takeaway in Boston.

I'm studying Chinese at university, how can be helpful?

If you're studying Chinese fulltime, is likely to be most useful as a supplementary tool. It's not going to replace your classes, but it will provide you with another tool to learn new words and keep the ones you already know fresh. HSKR is also good for those times when you don't want to carry around your text books and still want to revise some Chinese.

I'm studying for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), can l use to help prepare me for the exam?

The vocabulary we have includes the words used in the HSK levels 1 and 2, so HSKR should be helpful in your preparation. We are, however, not affiliated in any way with the examination body and while we will try to update the vocabulary with any new words added we cannot guarantee that we will be comprehensive. should be just one of the tools you use in your exam preparation.

Does cost me anything?

We offer two choices to learn Chinese;

  • unlimited usage with a paid subscription
  • limited usage for free.

You can find out more about these options on our subscriptions page

Does use Mandarin or Cantonese?

We only use Mandarin Chinese, the main language used in the People's Republic of China. Cantonese is used in Hong Kong and areas in south-east China, such as Guangdong.

Are the Chinese characters used simplified or traditional?

We focus on teaching mainland Chinese Mandarin which uses simplified characters. Traditional characters are used in Cantonese and in Taiwan

Does provide pinyin and characters (hanzi)?

Yes. We provide both pinyin and characters for all words and sentences.

Can l become fluent by using

This essentially will come down to you. Our goal is to help you achieve fluency. To achieve this you are likely to need several different tools ranging from class teachers to textbooks to dictionaries to For a beginner should get you to more than a survival level of vocabulary, whilst for more advanced learners it can be used as a supplement to more in depth learning of Mandarin Chinese. We're here to give you the foundation and confidence to get out there and speak to people in Chinese.

What is the Chinese content?

We have over 500 words all with professional audio recorded exclusively for the site. All words have photos to help bring them to life. We break up the content according to your ability. As a beginner it can be daunting to see how much there is to learn so we've aimed to focus on what you need to know to get going. When you progress to more advanced levels, you'll have access to and collect more words and sentences. Ultimately we will have around 5000 Chinese words in characters (hanzi) and pinyin (Romanized letters) along with their English translations. On top of this we will have around 10,000 sentences. Whenever possible, these sentences are focused on practical daily life.

What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning refers to a system which matches your learning pace and needs. At we have a proprietary algorithm which determines the order of the vocabulary you see. This means that if you already know a word or memorise it quickly, you will be shown more words which you do not know well (yet). This responsiveness and feedback will mean that you are focusing on the words you really do need to learn and not just focusing on what you already know. This should enable you to learn faster.

l hear uses gamification. What does this mean?

In developing we've incorporated game design techniques which are nomally used in games. The reason why is that we believe that it helps with your learning experience which ultimately will mean you'll learm more and be able to do more with your Chinese.

Why was founded?

People talk about their frustration of balancing work and social life - but what about us who are trying to learm Chinese as well? Out of facing this challenge was born. Leaming Chinese wherever, whenever and for as long as we wanted to is at the core of what we're trying to achieve.

Where is based? is owned by Reiyn Andaz Ltd, a company based in London, UK. We work with colleagues in China on content and with other colleagues in Thailand on development of out services.