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If your Company is doing business in China or with Chinese companies then it will already be clear that the more Mandarin Chinese your staff know the better. For those companies looking to provide new, impactful learning methods for their staff, is a service looking to get people wanting to, not feeling forced, to learn. To learn more about how it works please click here. aims to help individuals become more effective at communicating in Chinese. Whether the situation is

  • communicating with colleagues
  • dealing with a factory order
  • helping to make a sale in Beijing
  • dealing with the increasingly wealthy and jet-selting Chinese consumer aims to help people from all backgrounds learn Mandarin Chinese so that they can deal with their daily life better.

For companies wanting a group discount (minimum of 10 people) please contact us at

lf you would like to customise the experience for your company, we are very happy to discuss making this happen. Please contact us at